Some Unknown Facts About The Past Their Prime-Time Players

Jeff Stattner, guitarist extraordinaire, was the architect of a well-known sixties group. The popular ensemble went through many name changes: The Pencil, The Eraser, The Paper Clips until finally settling on The Rubber Band. Bruce Granofsky was actually born holding a bass guitar! (This explained the rumble in his mother’s abdomen during her pregnancy). Plucking away while making his entrance into the world, he screamed, “I Don’t Need No Doctor!!” (And you thought Ashford and Simpson wrote it). Geoff Starkey, (Ringo’s fraternal twin), discreetly filled in for his famous Beatle brother during the latter’s “hot sauce addiction” period, eventually moving to Montreal and changing his name to Lang.
Keyboardist Richard Yanofsky’s early years included his challenging days as a driving instructor in Sydney, Australia. Leadership and innovation in his blood, he initiated a trail-blazing plan to switch the left-side driving Aussies to North American style (without advising his superiors) thus creating mayhem and chaos on the Sydney roads. Shortly thereafter, Richard was unceremoniously asked to depart the country. Robert Goldfarb began life as a Himalayan Sherpa baby. His parents named him Goomba Ritz but over time he opted for his present moniker. Although Goomba, er… Robert was taught the unique skill of goat yodeling from early on, his musical tastes migrated to more western motifs and keyboard instruments. (Listen carefully as you may still hear tonal hints of the Mount Everest Yaks in his vocals). Howard Forman worked in the vinyl record pressing business. The six-stringer eschewed technology to press each album individually by hand. His accuracy was so uncanny, he became known as the Groove King. Unfortunately, the tedious process created a ten-year backorder for records rendering the artists’ music obsolete. The lovely and talented Irene Marc, the band’s featured vocalist and fabulous back-up singers, Dale Parks and Nancy Harper are, in fact, three angels sent from above (to keep the rest of us yahoos in line).

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Band members:

• Daniel Cinelli
• Robert Goldfab
• Geoff Lang
• Jeff Stattner
• Richard Yanofsky
• Shelley Stevens
• Wayne Smith